On TRE, by G
“One of the greatest misconceptions of our time is the role of stress and trauma on the human body and mind, as an integrative whole over the course of a lifetime. Many of us are able to cope with the stress and anxiety, yet over time as we age its effects remain manifesting in a myriad of health conditions – from auto-immune disorders to high blood pressure, to chronic pain. The standard approach is to treat the symptoms acutely with Western medicine, however, while the symptoms are masked up and controlled the toll of the stress on our bodies remain.
The irony is that most of us don’t know how stressed we are, indeed how would we? We only have our own bodies with which to compare. I learnt this at the of twenty-three, where I took a cocktail of five different psychiatric drugs; had a virtually non-existent digestive system; was in chronic physical pain; and had to take two yearly cortisone shots to keep my autoimmune conditions merely manageable and I could no longer live a life worth living.
Recovering from the effects of twenty-three years of childhood abuse and the subsequent trauma, healing my body and living a life free of dependence on psychiatric medication has taken a multiple sided approach. TRE has been a crucial component without which I would not be where I am today. Eighteen months into recovery I now tremor four times a week, it has become part of my routine as much as eating, bathing, exercising and most importantly living has become. I now find myself on the other end of the spectrum: observing the effect of stress on others, mostly unbeknown to them. It does not have to be this way.
We tend to as humans avoid the painful emotions, we tend to bottle them and repress them. We seem to have developed this false idea that through employing such a mechanism we are able to avoid the pain, yet this is a false view. We do not avoid the pain, we store it in the fibres of our tissues. In the process, we also store the good emotions. Emotions of joy and sadness, we slowly lose our ability to engage in life in a spontaneous manner. For some, as was the case for me, I lost the ability to laugh.
Through the gradual process of releasing this tension, I reversed this process of instinctively holding everything in. I gave my body the opportunity to let go of what it was holding in, and so through this to experience the full range of human experience. For when one builds up a debt of painful emotions, one becomes unable to feel good emotions too. One restricts one’s ability to also feel joy, and to laugh.
I regained my ability to laugh spontaneously, an experience I closed up to over twenty years ago, after about two months of doing TRE. It just happened one day, and once it did I couldn’t stop – it was a strange and delightful experience. It was quite colourful unlike I can consciously recall.
I also regained something else, the ability to feel love – to be open to feeling love. For so long I had closed up my body’s ability to feel the warmth and fullness of love, of being able to feel cherished and valued, by freezing my emotions up inside. TRE helped me release these frozen emotions in a way which was not painful, yet quite cathartic. A very human experience which is not measurable by science not describable by words.”


“Thank you for your incredible work. You both have a very special and gentle healing gift. I am really looking forward into using this to destress and relieve stress in my body and am very excited to where it might lead me. The day after I honestly felt like i was on holiday. Most notable was my emotional state and how balanced it was. My intuition says to me that there is something amazing coming with this if I commit to doing it regularly. I have done a lot of work in recent years on bringing myself present and never felt a more powerful tool to do this than last Wednesday. Amazing work Manuela.” Brett

“I would like to thank you again for the wonderful workshops you did with all of us. I think everybody was completely blown away. Benefits so immediate that I find it hard to believe. But then, I experienced them first hand. In gratitude, Pat & Team”

“I found it wonderfully in-sighting towards our bodies and our emotional connection to our physical selves. The rest of that evening I felt stress free and relaxed. The following day seemed simpler to do than most days. I’m excited to keep this practice up. I’ve paid particular attention the way I move my body and why, and how certain dances make me feel, etc. I guess I feel like it’s opened a new door of understanding and I thank you. Kindest, Mel”