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Reiki Master

Finishing 2018 with the Reiki Master workshop is the best thing I could do for my personal growth and for a deeper healing connection to my clients.

May it be a prosperous and healthy 2019!

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Fascia Release

This has been on my to do list for a while and I finally got the chance to do it! Lisa Kimble came to Cape Town to run a workshop. And what a fascinating workshop it was!

TRE and Fascia Release go hand in hand and compliment each other well but are two totally different modalities – the one technique is all about letting the body release what its holding on to in a gentle way by shaking, but the way to body to release the Fascia is by massaging it.

Here is some more information about Fascia: Tom Myers – Anatomy Trains

Fascia Release / TRE

Trauma is part of our lives

There is a huge stigma around the word TRAUMA. It is believed that only the populations in war-torn countries experience it or that people who come from troubled backgrounds have it. But trauma is everywhere and its part of everyones life. Everything that the body experiences as traumatic, from emotional to physical stress gets stored in the body as trauma. Some psychologists even explain that trauma starts before we come to this word and that trauma gets transferred from generation to generation… It starts with a baby in a womb of a stressed mother, by having parents who fight and go through divorce; fighting in school, exam stress, work deadlines and relationship stress are emotional traumas. But also falling of a bicycle and breaking an arm/leg; not to mention surgeries, illness and grief cause trauma to the body.

Therefore recognising it in ones body is the first step to recovery; acknowledging the trauma and not judging it or feel shame around it is difficult for most people. Our society teaches us not to show weakness and to “just get on with it”, which creates all kinds of destructive patterns of survival mechanisms within our body and mind though out or life – for example chronic pains, additions, anxiety. But there are many ways to get the trauma out of the system and find release and so it comes down to finding a healing path that feels right, a therapist who resonates with one and a safe space to work through what ever the body is holding on to.

TRE is a gentle and very effective trauma release therapy, a tool for life that makes significant impact in peoples lives, not only by releasing stress from the body but also by balancing the nervous system at the same time. With TRE one learns to simply listen to the body and to connect with it.

Here is the link to an interesting interview with Dr. Gabor Matte about this topic – view on my Facebook page where you can find other relevant articles: Why Are So Many Adults Today Haunted by Trauma?

2 new Wednesday group classes scheduled until end of the year

After a break we took in August, to travel and focus on our other work and projects, Christine and I have scheduled 2 new Wednesday group sessions at 6 Spin Street!

Dates are as follows: 26th October & 30th November
Classes will start at 6pm and be finished by 7.30pm

We’re offering a special drop in rate of R150 per class.
Please get in touch if you’d like to participate – Subscribe to the mailing list and RSVP here!

We hope you can join us to deepen your TRE journey or simply try it out! Perhaps you’ve been raving about TRE to your friends since we saw you last, bring a friend along too for a FREE trial class if they haven’t done TRE before. 











Today I was initiated in the 1st and 2nd degree of the Usui System of Natural Healing.
An amazing experience.. full of wisdom, love and light for myself and to share with everyone I meet.

Advanced Provider Status

The TRE community rewarded me with a new status, the Advanced TRE Provider status. It is a special recognition for TRE Providers who go the extra mile. The time I have put into upskilling myself as well as the running tailor-made TRE sessions for other Providers as well as my continues work in underprivileged communities has been acknowledged.

THANK YOU – This only makes me want to share the power of TRE with as many people as possible.. :-)

TRE with juvenile boys in Ottery

Christine and I have run weekly sessions with the boys since October 2015. Its been an interesting journey… Phhheewwww! I feel very lucky to have TRE so I tremor the stress out after running the sessions with these boys.. 😉

The boys come from troubled backgrounds and have been sent to the Education and Care Centre by the High Court, however just like all teenagers they are gentle and a lot of fun as well!


Course with Soil For Life

The 6 weeks course with the Trainers and Management from Soil For Life Organization in the green oasis setting in the middle of Constantia has been an absolute pleasure! The participants loved “this new shaking thing” Christine and I introduced them to and felt the benefits from session 1 already. They have committed to continue their own practice as team building exercise as well as to use TRE as personal health empowerment tool in the future… Mission accomplished I would say! :-)

TRE sessions in Berlin

I will be based in Berlin for the month of September and will be running TRE sessions for individuals and groups.

Workshop dates are as follows:
Thursday, 10th –> 7-8:30h –> Soho House (Members Only)
Wednesday, 16th –> 10-11:30h –> Lausitzer Str. Kreuzberg
Saturday, 19th —> 12-13:30h
Wednesday, 23rd —> 17:30-19h
Saturday, 26th —> 11-12:30h
Venue is in a beautiful Yoga Studio in Prenzlauer Berg.

Groups are taking place if 6 people or more confirm attendance, therefore please get in touch to reserve your spot. +49(0) 152 2606 5159