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In 2012 curiosity led me to attended a TRE workshop run by Dr. David Bercelli and Dr. Melanie Salmon – it made so much sense and feeling/seeing what happens to the body and mind after sessions made me even more curious to became a TRE provider. I have been certified to work with individuals in Sept 2012 and to facilitate TRE with groups in March 2013.

Since then I’ve been using every opportunity to work with underprivileged communities and people from all walks of life, who are curious and ready for the release and rebalancing process within their body and mind.

I enjoy seeing a difference in people after every session of this amazing and effective healing modality. Their feedback is what motivates me to share my knowledge and experience in order to empower other people and to help them though past and present difficulties of life.

*** I have been rewarded with new status within the TRE community called the Advanced TRE Provider! It is a special recognition for TRE Providers who go the extra mile. The time I put in to upskill myself, the running of interesting TRE sessions for other Providers and the work in undeprivileged communities has been acknowledged of which I am very proud of!