Trauma is part of our lives

There is a huge stigma around the word TRAUMA. It is believed that only the populations in war-torn countries experience it while they live in conflict areas. But trauma is everywhere! It doesn’t start only by being in a womb of a stressed mother, by having parents who fight and go through divorce, it goes on with falling of a bicycle and breaking an arm or in school when having fights with friends, exam stress, work deadlines and relationship stress, surgeries, illness and death of a loved one; some theories explain how trauma starts before we come to this word and that trauma gets transferred from generation to generation… Everything that the body experiences as traumatic, from emotional to physical gets stored in the body and needs to be released. So its only natural that trauma is all around us and that its part of everyones life.

Therefore recognising it in ones body is the first step to recovery; acknowledging the trauma and not to judge it or feel shame around it is difficult for most people. Our society teaches us not to show weakness and to “just get on with it”, which creates all kinds of destructive patterns of survival mechanisms within our body and mind though out or life – for example chronic pains, additions, anxiety. But there are many ways to get the trauma out of the system and find release and so it comes down to finding a body based modality that feels right, a therapist who resonates with one and a safe space to work through what ever the body is holding on to.

TRE is a gentle and very effective therapy, a tool for life that makes significant impact in peoples lives, not only by releasing stress from the body but also by balancing the nervous system at the same time.

Here is the link to an interesting interview with Dr. Gabor Matte about this topic – view on my Facebook page where you can find other relevant articles: Why Are So Many Adults Today Haunted by Trauma?