2 new Wednesday group classes scheduled until end of the year

After a break we took in August, to travel and focus on our other work and projects, Christine and I have scheduled 2 new Wednesday group sessions at 6 Spin Street!

Dates are as follows: 26th October & 30th November
Classes will start at 6pm and be finished by 7.30pm

We’re offering a special drop in rate of R150 per class.
Please get in touch if you’d like to participate – Subscribe to the mailing list and RSVP here!

We hope you can join us to deepen your TRE journey or simply try it out! Perhaps you’ve been raving about TRE to your friends since we saw you last, bring a friend along too for a FREE trial class if they haven’t done TRE before. 



Advanced Provider Status

The TRE community rewarded me with a new status, the Advanced TRE Provider status. It is a special recognition for TRE Providers who go the extra mile. The time I have put into upskilling myself as well as the running tailor-made TRE sessions for other Providers as well as my continues work in underprivileged communities has been acknowledged.

THANK YOU – This only makes me want to share the power of TRE with as many people as possible.. :-)

TRE with juvenile boys in Ottery

Christine and I have run weekly sessions with the boys since October 2015. Its been an interesting journey… Phhheewwww! I feel very lucky to have TRE so I tremor the stress out after running the sessions with these boys.. 😉

The boys come from troubled backgrounds and have been sent to the Education and Care Centre by the High Court, however just like all teenagers they are gentle and a lot of fun as well!


Course with Soil For Life

The 6 weeks course with the Trainers and Management from Soil For Life Organization in the green oasis setting in the middle of Constantia has been an absolute pleasure! The participants loved “this new shaking thing” Christine and I introduced them to and felt the benefits from session 1 already. They have committed to continue their own practice as team building exercise as well as to use TRE as personal health empowerment tool in the future… Mission accomplished I would say! :-)

Happy festive season & an even happier 2016!

I hope you will enjoy the long break and get some rest before this year ends.. Long walks on the beach or the mountain and some quality time with family and friends. What ever you are up to don’t forget to charge the batteries for 2016!

I’ll be in and out of CT and will be available for private clients, so get in touch if you need to shake off some tension and restore your body and mind! Otherwise see you in the New Year! It will be a great one.. :-)

The next group session will be on the 13th January 2016. Thereafter every 2nd Wednesday. Same time, same place.. Email me if you don’t won’t to miss any upcoming group classes – Our mailer goes out on the Monday before the session.


TRE sessions in Berlin

I will be based in Berlin for the month of September and will be running TRE sessions for individuals and groups.

Workshop dates are as follows:
Thursday, 10th –> 7-8:30h –> Soho House (Members Only)
Wednesday, 16th –> 10-11:30h –> Lausitzer Str. Kreuzberg
Saturday, 19th —> 12-13:30h
Wednesday, 23rd —> 17:30-19h
Saturday, 26th —> 11-12:30h
Venue is in a beautiful Yoga Studio in Prenzlauer Berg.

Groups are taking place if 6 people or more confirm attendance, therefore please get in touch to reserve your spot. +49(0) 152 2606 5159

New dates for TRE group classes

The first half of 2015 is over.. phhheewww. time flies! Herewith the new dates for our TRE group classes at 6 Spin Street – every 2nd Wednesday from 6 – 7:30pm. Please register to participate.

July: 1st, 15th, 29th
August: 12th, 26th
September: 9th, 23rd
October: 7th, 21st
November: 4th, 18th
December: 2nd, 16th

Bringing TRE to communities which need it

Through interesting circumstances of my other work I had the honour of meeting the principle of the Ottery Youth Care and Education Centre a few months ago. My view is that TRE must be spread into the communities that will benefit from it the most, so I got the go ahead to run a pilot project in the school.

Christine Cornick and I have been running classes with the staff and management, in November Jeremy de Tolly has joined our team for the work with the boys, aged 11-18 years old. We are very happy for the opportunity to take TRE to communities such as Ottery where it can make such a profound impact on dedicated staff doing amazing work with SA’s youth.

Herewith the video testimony from the principal after his first TRE session.


2015 TRE Group Schedule

The weekly TRE group in the City Bowl has been going on for over 1 1/2 years and we have facilitated many clients with great results. Although ours is the only weekly drop-in class in Cape Town Christine and I have realized that it is time for some change and that we need to give other projects and our private clients more space in our lives. Therefore we have decided to only offer TRE group classes every 2nd week – herewith the schedule for the first 6 months of the New Year:

January 14th & 28th
February 11th & 25th
March 11th & 25nd
April 8th & 22nd
May 6th & 20th
June 3rd, 15th & 29th

Please get in touch to find out dates or if you would like to book an one on one session with either of us. Here is to many more great clients and a powerful group class energy going forward!


Women’s Health Tests Tension And Trauma Release

I’m very proud about this and the following post. I had the privilege to do TRE with the Men’s and Women’s Health Editors who each wrote an article..


We all know that stress manifests in the body and many people experience stomach ache, hair loss, twitching and more – all from stress. Similarly practitioners who recommend TRE or Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises believe that traumatic experiences can release chemicals into the body, which could make you tired; give you insomnia; cause depression; anxiety and worry…

What Is It? TRE uses techniques or exercises, developed by Dr David Berceli, to release tension deep within your muscles. The exercises cause shaking in a controlled and sustained manner. This shaking, also called neurogenic tremors, begin to release deep chronic muscular tension held within the body. They come from the centre of gravity of the body, which is protected by the psoas muscle. When shaking is evoked, it reverberates throughout the entire body, travelling along the spine and releasing deep chronic tension from the sacrum to the cranium. When tension is released anywhere in the body, the brain registers a reduction in pain signals and produces new hormones for relaxation and comfort. Often, this release of tension is much like receiving an internal massage.

What For? It can release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety, whether it’s caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stresses or trauma from accidents. Additionally, TRE has been reported to reduce pain, increase mobility and aid the healing of past injuries.

What We Thought? WH’s Thamar Houliston gives TRE a try… “When I first saw the video of people shaking, I must say I was more than a bit skeptical, but upon meeting and chatting to Manuela Wall, who has her own TRE practice in Cape Town, the idea of releasing tension made perfect sense to me – especially since I suffer quite badly from IBS when I’m stressed. We started the session off with some very light exercises, which cause your muscles to twitch or tremor. I didn’t think that it would work for me because I’m a bit of a control freak and find it hard to just let go. After about 15 minutes of being relaxed and in a ‘safe space’, which Manuela said is key for the exercises to work, I did tremor a bit. Afterwards I felt extremely relaxed. Manuela said I would sleep very well and I found that I didn’t move even once in the night and slept straight through! I don’t think that this kind of therapy is for me – I’d rather throw some weights around. However, we all hold tension in our bodies and have stress, so anyone can benefit from TRE – whether you have suffered trauma or not. Once you have learnt the exercises after a few sessions, you can practice on your own. Manuela says that she does these after gym each day for about 15 minutes, which works for her.”

Interested? Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, you can join a group or you can have one-on-one session. Manuela and her colleague Christine run weekly classes on Wednesdays at 6-7.30pm at 6 Spin Street, City Bowl, Cape Town. You can book six classes for a cost of R1000, which can be taken over an eight-week period starting at any time. Or if you can’t commit to a full course, register ahead and you can ‘drop-in’ to a group session to experience TRE. Cost per session R200. For more information or to register for a group or private session visit tretransforms.wordpress.com

Not in Cape Town? For more information see http://www.traumaprevention.com.

Article by Thamar Houliston – http://womenshealthsa.co.za/blogs/wh-tests-tension-and-trauma-release/